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Mic's article presents the great attractions of Spoleto. Every paragraph gives you great ideas of what to see and what to do.

By: Paolo Mic

All of Umbria offers a glimpse into centuries long ago and Spoleto is no different. Here you will walk among the ancient Umbrian walls, the “cavea” of the Roman theatre, the Ducal Palace that was built by the Dukes of Longobard, the arch of Cruso Minore, and the Palazzo della Signoria built in 1300.

The most popular attraction in Spoleto is the Cathedral that was built on the site of an ancient church in 1067. The Cathedral is one of most magnificent sights to see with its own unique Romanic style, rose windows, and awesome mosaic.

If castles create wonderful fantasies for you then you must visit the Castle of Albornoz. During it’s time the highest tower was home to the nephew of the Cardinal Albornoz had many distinguished guests including princes and popes. The castle lost power in 1500 and in 1800 was a barracks used by the military. Today, restoration is under way to restore this magnificent castle to its rightful place in beauty and prestige.

The list of things to see while in Spoleto include the Cathedral, St. Gregorio Maggiore Church, Misericordia Church, Sant'Eufemia Church, S. Filippo Neri Church, Albornoz Fortress, Madonna della Stella Monastery, Ruins of the ancient city walls, Roman Theatre, New Theatre, Caio Melisso Theatre, Caliicola Palace, Campello Palace, and Ancaiani Palace and the Archaeological Museum.

Special events don the streets of Spoleto, which bring visitors from the world. The major events include the Patron Saint Ponziano on January 14, the Week of Studies of the early Middle Ages in April, and organ concerts in various churches during May through June, Festival of the Two Worlds, which is held in June and July, and Avant-garde Opera during September.

While you are enjoying all the sights and attractions of Spoleto you may find that you have worked up quite an appetite, now is the time to sit, relax and partake of some of the delectable meals that restaurants in Spoleto has to offer. Some of the most frequented include Dei Dulchi, La Macchia, and Paradiso.

By:Paolo Mic   Spoleto

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