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Mic's article tells you what to see in the medieval central Italian town of Todi. There are so many don't-miss attractions.

Todi, Umbria
By: Paolo Mic

Todi, Italy was built on the ruins of an Etruscan town, which can be seen through the Etruscan arches, medieval buildings, and Roman cisterns that dot the town. Here you will find some of the oldest public buildings in all of Umbria. There are various beliefs in the origin of the name of Todi, some believe that the name is derived from the Eturian “tudicolare” or from “tutus” which translates to mean a fortified place.

Some of the unique and oldest buildings include the Palazzo del Capitano, Palazzo del Popolo, and Palazzo dei Priori, which are located in the main area of town known as the Piazza del Popolo. These three unique 11th century buildings are still in use today

The Piazza del Popolo is one of the most popular town centers in all of Italy. Among the other awesome buildings in the Piazza, which attracts attention, includes the Museo Civico e Pinacoteca that is home to many unique artifacts such as rare Etruscan coins and 16th century Italian paintings. If you venture from the main Piazza, you will soon find the Convent of S. Fortunato, which has a unique gothic style and was built in honor of Saint Fortunato who was the patron bishop of Todi that lived here during the middle of the 6th century. The construction of the convent began in 1292 and was completely finished in 1463.

The University of Kentucky described Todi as the “most livable town on earth” recently because of is majestic hilltop location, climate, size of the town, and its unique relationship with its surroundings.

As you walk through the ancient streets of Todi, you will stand in awe at the charming winding streets, stone buildings, arches, medieval wells, the rolling hills and magnificent views of hills, mountains, and valleys that surround this quaint and adorable town.

As you stroll through the Todi you will be able to envision ancient times beginning with the three walls that surround Todi which were built during Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval times and the third wall that dates back to the 13th century. This third wall can be viewed by walking from the Consolazione Church to Porta Romana.

The most popular attraction is the temple of St. Mary of the Consolation, which is the first building you will see as you enter this ancient town. It has been recorded that this temple was a project of the famous architect Bramante.

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