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Italian Agritourismo

Far away from the luxury hotels...

Agrotourism Villa Near Florence, Italy

Agrotourism villa near Florence, Italy

Have it all, and respect the environment.

Our Introduction To Green Italian Holidays

Russo describes agritourismo, also called agrotourismo, the Italian way of enjoying fantastic food, wine, and beauty while respecting the environment. You won't even have to rough it.

A "Greener" Italian Holiday - Introducing The Agritourismo
By: Danielle Russo

Agrotourism Villa Umbria, Italy

Agritourism villa Umbria, Italy

Respect the environment without roughing it.

With the recent increase in Eco friendly travel, there are a few accommodation options to choose from Italy, ranging from couch surfing and house swaps to camping and agritourism to suit your Eco conscience needs. Camping and couch surfing, while both interesting options are not necessarily everyone's cup of tea and for many, house swapping is not really an option.

So the relatively new concept of agritourism is an excellent way to experience real Italian culture and still ensure that you are enjoying a more environmentally friendly vacation. The idea behind agritourism is that you can stay in a comfortable and authentic country house or villa in the beautiful Italian country side, the difference is that you can also participate in farming or fishing with the owners of the house or just enjoy all the local produce that is produced by them or the near by farms.

Agriturismi (the plural of agriturismo) are offered in the form of a whole house, apartments, or rooms. In most cases, these farmhouses have been carefully restored and furnished with beautiful country-style antiques. Considering the rural setting, one might think that this style of vacation would be a bit too rustic. On the contrary, many agriturismi feature complete modern kitchens, luxurious bathroom amenities, swimming pools, and fine linens. Many of the properties you will find have been fitted out with solar panels and ecologically decorated using renewable resources from the surrounding areas. Many other options now cater for unique groups such as yoga enthusiasts, artists, and potters. You can also book out an entire house and have it all self catering if you prefer. This approach to holidaying is very hands on and you will have lots of contact with the owners of the villas as in many cases they live near by and so are on hand to help advise you on anything ranging from where to eat or local activities. They can also come in handy when it comes to finding out about local events that could be happening that you won't read about in the guidebooks. In researching this article we also came across a agritourism which had its own private chapel on the land and so could cater for small wedding parties.

People from all walks of life can enjoy an agritourism holiday- you just need to research what sort of option suits you and your group best. As always with accommodation, prices can vary but this type of holiday can also work out to be quite reasonable especially for self catering options. Agritourisms can be found throughout Italy's countryside so it is really just a matter of pinpointing the one that right for you!!

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