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Translating The Italian Seasons

Some choice words for the seasons...

Dolomite Mountains, Northern Italy

Mountain in Cortina d'Anpezzo (The Dolomites)

And you thought Italy was only a summery thing!

Our Introduction To Translating The Italian Seasons

Massey translates the four seasons and describes how the Italian versions.

Italian Translation Into English Of The Seasons
By: Nigel Massey

I have a great love for all things Italian. I work in a translation agency dealing with Italian English language combination projects, I am getting fat on Italian food and I am even marrying a fantastic Italian girl, who is also a translator.

So I hope to bring to you in this article not only an Italian English translation of the text. But also, a feel of the Italian culture and way of life.

Italian Names for the Seasons - la primavera, l’estate, l’autunno, l’inverno

The English Translations are:


la primavera—Spring

In Italian the names of seasons (i stagioni) are not capitalized.

Now lets add some culture and lifestyle to this translation;

la primavera—Spring

The scent of flowers arrives in your house. The days start to get longer. The fog in Bolgna will start to decrease and you will be less iessary to have extra clothes when you walk (caminare) in the evening to get an ice cream (gelato).

Already, the whole of Italy is getting ready for the summer. In the south they may already be getting on the beach some weekends.

Another funny side I have discovered is that some of the Italians I know (boys and girls) are already planning on getting rid of their girlfriends / boyfriends so that they won’t be restricted from the pleasures of summer.

When I think of an English Spring I remember a saying my mother as always said ‘March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion’ Meaning it will start nice, but end with the roar of storms.


In the summer the Italians are all heading for the beach. Italy is long and narrow looking like a ladies boot. As such, you are generally no more then 45 minutes from the beach.

Most Italians have a selection of beaches they use. The beach of the family, the beach where they meet their friends and the beach where they go to see and be seen!


Autumn is generally a little depressing in most countries. The days are becoming shorter and the days on the beach are less and less inviting.

However, Italians love to party and the harvests create a cause for many regional celebrations. So I actually love this Italian season. Its cooler so you get to catch up on what you have put off through the heat of summer.


Well......again Italy is long and narrow and shaped like a boot as it has been formed by the merging of tectonic plates. This has resulted in a country that has mountains down its middle.

So the Italians, like many English, are generally off to the ski slopes. But unlike the English most Italians are only an hour from the slopes so they are able to go skiing most weekends.

I do hope you have enjoyed my article on the Italian seasons and the translation provided.

About the Author:
Although born and remains an Englishman, the author has a great love of all things Italian. He works as an Italian English Translation Project Manager at the Translations company Axis Translations

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