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Florence Tourist Hotel

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The Hotel Corvitte della Calza, Florence, Italy.

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Blackburn provides some excellent ideas about accomodations in and near Florence, Italy including hotels, apartments, and farm houses.

Florence Hotel And Other Accomodations
By: Jerry K. Blackburn

Florence is the biggest tourist attraction in the Tuscany region. There are hundreds of hotels in the area, making finding the right Florence hotel fairly easy. The choices range from inexpensive hotels to more extravagant and expensive inns. Much of the city and some of the hotels have a medieval feel that is like stepping back in time. This city was the center of culture in the Renaissance and still retains much of this character.

Hotels are good for short stays or if you plan to eat out for every meal. If you plan to stay for longer periods, you may want to consider other options. This is also true if you plan to stay in for some meals. Apartments in Florence can be rented for vacations. These have at least a small kitchen, allowing you to stay in for some meals. In addition, an apartment will give you a bit more privacy than most hotels.

If you are traveling with a larger group or family, a country farmhouse holiday may be a good choice. These have larger kitchens for cooking meals and come equipped with everything you need, but food and clothing. This will allow you to cook larger meals and try out authentic Florence Italy recipes. Most are located in more remote areas, so you will need a vehicle for sightseeing. Florence car rental agencies can help with renting a vehicle for your stay.

Florence Tourist Apartment

Apartment in Florence, Italy travel

Instead of a hotel, you may try a Florence apartment.

Finding and Booking a Florence Hotel
The Internet is a great place to start your search for hotels in Florence. You will find pictures of the exterior of the hotel as well as the rooms. Many sites offer reviews of the hotels. Read both professional reviews and those written by guests at each hotel you are considering. This can give you the benefit of the opinion of past guests. Once you have made a decision, you can book your room on the Internet.

The Internet can also be used for other accommodations in Florence. Larger vacation rental agencies and many smaller agencies have websites with photographs and descriptions of the apartments or villas. You can even book your rental vehicle on the Internet in most cases. You may not need a car, if you will be staying only in the city. If you plan to visit the surrounding country areas, you can arrange for your car to be ready when you arrive.

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