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Amalfi Coast Castle

Castiglione di Ravello in Italy travel

Castiglione di Ravello on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy.

Our Introduction To Italy's Best Villas

Cooke short lists some of Italy's best villas, in other words some of the best villas in the world. I'd love to try them all.

Top 5 Italian Villa Stays
By: Karen Cooke

Italian Villas are the epitome of luxury. Fabulous architecture, exquisite art and stunning views all add up to memorable Italian holidays. Here are the top 5 Italian Villa stays for your next Italian holiday.

1. Villa Diodati, Tuscany
Towering at three stories, this magnificent building is surrounded by three hectares of grounds and offers the very best in luxury travel. Take a dip in the sparkling outdoor pool, try billiards on the antique table inside, linger around the rooms admiring the murals and antiques, or have a hit of tennis on the private court. For the duration of the stay, guests will enjoy being the king or queen of the palace.

Visitors will be delighted with the service on offer - breakfast and lunches if required, waiting staff to serve you at your table, and of course daily cleaning to keep everything in shape. Florence is only 80 kms away and perfect for day trips, when lounging around in your personal five-star resort becomes a little too indulgent!

2. Castiglione di Ravello, Amalfi Coast
Imagine a beautifully constructed and recently renovated stone villa, four stories high, sitting on the edge of the sea. Imagine a private inlet for sunbaking and panoramic views of the blue sea whilst you enjoy an intimate dinner on a private terrace. This is what awaits at Castiglione di Ravello, where a luxury holiday is a given. Inside you will find modern comforts such as central heating, air conditioning, high-speed Internet and satellite TV, mingled amongst the tasteful antiques and furnishings which give the villa a sense of class.

A private pool exists near the ground level of the building for those who enjoy a swim. Guests will also no doubt be pleased with the Jacuzzi that adjoins each bedroom.

Tuscany Villa

Villa la Palazzina in Tuscany, Italy travel

This is a World Heritage site in Tuscany, Italy.

3. Antico Convento, Sorrento Coast
Originally serving as a convent, this stunning 17th century construction has been renovated to become a resplendent beacon overlooking the shoreline. Four stories high, and built to cater for 12 guests, the villa is adorned with exquisite antiques, paintings and furniture. Just one kilometer away lies the gorgeous township of Sorrento, where visitors can walk lazily along the streets or enjoy a hearty Italian meal and rich wine at a local restaurant. Those looking for an Italian luxury holiday will be sure to find it in this very special villa.

Complete with the modern conveniences of wi-fi Internet access, satellite television and air conditioning, there's even a lift for those who don't want to climb the stairs. Just 100 meters away is an external lift that takes people down to the beach, where visitors can frolic in the sand and surf - all in a day's work here at the villa.

4. Villa Parmina, Sicily
Elegant archways, beautifully decorated rooms, generous gardens and a gorgeous view make the Villa Parmina worthy of a stay. Recently renovated to accommodate all the modern comforts today's traveler desires, you will find the villa is decorated beautifully with antiques and artwork, as well as providing air conditioning, satellite TV, phone and stereo.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this decadent property is the crystal clear 12-meter pool that sits outside the front, overlooking the beautiful seascape below. Nothing beats the experience of being in the water with a cool drink on a sunny day, absorbing the beautiful scenery below. Whether guests choose to kick their feet up on one of the plush sofas, or stroll around the beautiful garden, Villa Parmina promises a luxury travel experience one will never forget.

5. Villa La Palazzina
Amongst the rolling hills, hidden chapels, vast vineyards and the wildflowers, lives the mammoth Villa La Palazzina - providing for your every whim. Designed for the purpose of hosting banquets and festivals to honor the coming of spring, this villa was built big and beds up to 22 people. It also contains two storeys of delightful rooms that have been decorated only in 19th century period furnishings, including the antique pianoforte.

With a pool that stretches out in the front yard, and overlooks a dazzling valley of greenery and vineyards, guests will want to spend quite a bit of time outside! Within the house itself visitors are treated to an espresso machine, wi-fi Internet access, library and telephone/fax.

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