Liguria Carnevale Season - 2014

Let's go to Carnevale in Liguria this season...

Logano Liguria

Logano Liguria in carnival imagination

Carnival Logano, Liguria, Italy Carnevale.

It doesn't matter whether you call it Carnival, Carnevale, or Mardi Gras. There's nothing like a Carnival celebration to help banish those winter blues. Italy is one of the best places to view and participate in a Carnevale vacation. Everywhere you will find Carnevale masks, costumes, allegorical floats, special food and wine. And interestingly enough, each Italian region does Carnevale differently. What are you waiting for?

This fabulous celebration occurs on the Tuesday 40 days before Easter so the date varies. Carnevale 2014 is on March 4, Carnevale 2015 is on February 17, but Carnevale season starts earlier. Plan your Italian holidays now. Keep reading.

As in many other parts of the world, Carnevale in Liguria owes a lot to the Brazilian Carnival (Carnival in Rio de Janeiro) with its allegorical floats and masks. In Liguria the most popular masks denote figures known as Arlecchino, Il Dottore, Pulcinella, Pantalone, Gianduja, and Columbine. The largest Ligurian Carnevale is held in the town (about eleven thousand) of Logano, approximately 35 miles (60 kilometers) southwest of Genoa, the regional capital. The locals call it CarnevalŲa and the town hosts a variety of parades teeming with allegorical floats and masked participants and spectators.

On Carnevale Sunday ceremonies start when the keys to the city are handed over to Beciancžn, the King of the Carnival, at the main square, Piazza díItalia. He is greeted by locals and delegations coming from all over Italy, and, I daresay, tourists from all over the world. Several events dedicated to children with masked balls, games, and that good old favorite, crostoli, deep-fried pasta dough dusted with icing sugar. Locals may assure you that this delicious pastry, best enjoyed at Carnivale and Christmas, originates in Liguria. Donít miss the spectacular horserace known as the Palio dei Borghi or the marching bands with majorettes.

Diano Marina, Liguria in carnival ecstasy

Carnival Diano Marina, Liguria, Italy Carnevale.

Diano Marina is a town of about six thousand people located about 55 miles (90 kilometers) southwest of Genoa. Since 1966 this town celebrates Carnevale with a parade that attracts thousands of costumed people complete with a folk band. The following Sunday youíll find a parade of papier machť floats festooned with flowers. Liguria is flower country.

The seaside resort town of Moneglia, population under three thousand, located about 35 miles (60 kilometers) southeast of Genoa, is home to one of the most unusual Carnevale in all of Italy. This event, known as the Carnevale della Zucca (Carnival of the Pumpkin), originated when two peasants argued over the ownership of a pumpkin that grew on the boundary separating their farms. I canít promise you pumpkin pie but you should enjoy this Carnevale and the local food and wine.

San Remo, the flower capital of Liguria, hosts the Sanremoinfiore (San Remo Flower Parade) that some call a carnival on the last Sunday in January. Every city of the Italian Riviera presents a float in the form of an original flower composition. If you feel like viewing some high-level competition, you can cross the French border and visit the Carnival of Nice. Itís a big one. Itís a fine one. Itís nice. But itís not Italian. And wherever you go and whatever you do, check out the fine local wines.

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