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San Remo Music Festival

San Remo Music Festival

This series of articles provides ideas and specific information for Italian music festivals and concerts. Some of the events are FREE (most are not),

We include live links to appropriate websites (English-language pages whenever possible) so you can access up-to-date information and reserve your tickets. Full disclosure: We are not associated with any of these musical activities and receive no commission whatsoever should you choose to indulge.

Italian Musical Experiences Month By Month

May   June   July   August    September    October   
November    December    January    February    March    April   

Italian Musical Experiences Region By Region

   Abruzzi    Apulia    Basilicata    Calabria    Campania
   Emilia-Romagna    Friuli-Venezia Giulia    Latium
   Liguria    Lombardy    The Marches    Molise    Piedmont
   Sardinia    Sicily    Trentino-Alto Adige    Tuscany
   Umbria    Val d'Aosta    Veneto

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Italian music festivals and concerts.
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