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Grand Hotel Majestic

Grand hotel in northern Italy travel

Believe it or not the Grand Hotel Majestic is not very expensive.

Our Introduction To The Luxury Resorts Of Italy

Greaves describes the special attractions of several magnificent resorts in northern Italy and Tuscany. Why not check them out?

Luxury Resorts Of Italy: The Ones You Should Never Miss
By: Mike Greaves

Italy is located in Southern Europe on two of the largest islands of the Mediterranean. For centuries the capital city of Rome was known as the center of Western civilization. It has been the birthplace of many European cultures including the Romans and the Renaissance. When thinking of Italy delicious food also comes to mind. Would you be surprised to find out that it is also home to some of the best luxury resorts in the world? The Grand Hotel Majestic in Verbania Pallenza, Piedmont, Italy is a classic example of a luxury resort. This graceful property has been the favorite of heads of state and artists since its construction in 1870. The setting for this elegant resort is the edge of Lake Maggiore.

The surrounding mountains are a majestic backdrop for the lake and flowers are everywhere. For those guests that are always on the move you can enjoy private tennis courts, a swimming pool, and fitness center. For those guests that are looking for quiet and relaxation you can walk along the lake or just enjoy your day on the beach. Child care is also available to guests at this luxury resort.

Hotel Milano-Alpen Resort and Spa in Bergamo, Italy is another great example of an Italian luxury resort. Nestled at the base of the Alps, this hotel is unique because it is dedicated to nature and wellbeing. The decor inside is neutral shades with Eco friendly furniture.

Alps Near Bergamo, Northern Italy

Alps near Bergamo in northern Italy travel

You can find resorts to match the natural beauty of the Italian Alps.

It is completely compatible with the natural surroundings and guests are encouraged to explore as much of the property as they can. Guides are available to take you on mountain excursions, horseback riding and biking trails.

After a day of fun and adventure relax your mind and body at the Alpen Spa. Using 100 percent organic products you will feel the tension melt away during your honey massage. Afterward relax in a bath with Malga Cream and wild rose oil. You will leave this luxury resort feeling completely rejuvenated.

The Hotel Mona Lisa in Florence, Tuscany, Italy is a former Renaissance Palace that has since been turned into a luxury resort. Situated in the heart of Florence, upon arrival you will feel as if you have stepped into another world. Filled with oil paintings and antique furniture this destination is ideal for anyone that wants to stay in a unique atmosphere. You are only steps away from the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. Construction began on the cathedral in 1296 and was completed in 1436. Truly a historic site that you do not want to miss.

You also will want to see the Piazzale Michelangelo. You can tell by its name that it is a tribute to Michael Angelo; this beautiful square offers visitors a panoramic view of Florence, like no other. After all of the site seeing, you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at one of the many local restaurants near the square.

Rooms offer you modern conveniences yet not losing the antiquated theme of the environment. This luxury resort has romance written all over it. Enjoy it with someone close to you.

From delicious food and historical sites, the luxury resorts in Italy are guaranteed to not disappoint you.

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