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Detti describes a village in Tuscany that just might be your perfect vacation spot.

By: Giulio Detti

Deep within the heart of Maremma, lays a wonderful, traditional Italian village, Capalbio. Located near the towns of Pitigliano and Saturnia, Capalbio is a place where Italian romance and classic European entertainment methods cross paths; as a matter of fact, those two are abundant in Capalbio!

First of all, in order to quickly remove any doubts that you might have about how worthy it would be to visit this place, I believe that it is enough to just tell you that Capalbio is almost every day in the Italian gossip newspapers! Of course, this shouldn’t scare you away. To be exact, this happens because throughout the whole year, numerous Celebrities choose to spend a few relaxation days in this village; obviously, this is food for gossip newspapers!

If you are lucky enough and you happen to visit Capalbio during the second week of September, you will have the chance to see many Celebrities hanging around and you can also watch the traditional Festival of the wild boar! During other periods of the year, you can always pay a visit to the Pieve di San Nicola, the Collachini Palazzo or the famous Giardino dei Tarocchi.

Apart from all the above, you should know that Capalbio has a really beautiful beach. The coast is a very good example of untouched, traditional, Italian nature. You can have tons of fun playing beach games during the sunny days but you can also enjoy the crystal clear, fresh water of the sea even during the winter! Moreover, if you are seeking for quiet, romantic nights near the shore, you should definitely not miss that!

Moving on to the real fun now, let’s go hunting! No, I’m not referring to hot-tourists “hunting”; I mean real hunting! Among all the above, Capalbio is also very popular for the hunting! The only thing that you need in order to have some great time hunting is enough shells; pure, untouched nature takes care of the rest!

All in all, Capalbio is a wonderful place to spend a few relaxation days; and if you have the ability, you will also stay a few more!

By:Giulio Detti   Capalbio

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