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Tuscan Seaside Villa

Seaside villa in Tuscany, Italy travel

Seaside villa in Tuscany, Italy travel. Don't miss the wines.

Our Introduction To Renting Tuscan Villas

Yes, villa in Tuscany can be great. Knowing exactly what you want makes it even greater. Read Eliot's article to help you decide what you want.

How Not To Spoil Your Italian Vacation By Taking Tuscany Villa Rentals
By: Barry Elliot

For generations the foreign holidaymakers have been going to Tuscany. What is the reason for this fascination? Tuscany is the region of cities like Florence, Pisa and Cortona. These beautiful medieval cities contain rich cultures and traditions. You can find vast rolling landscape covered with vineyards and olive groves, enjoy Italian food and exquisite wine and get tanned on the seaside.

Tuscany villa rentals.
When you start searching for the villa rentals, ensure that you narrow down the search to the region you are targeting. Do you want to see the live groves and vineyards or are you interested in looking at the medieval cities? Chianti is famous for natural sceneries while Lucca will be ideal for cultural vacation.

Next you should focus on the amenities you need. For example if you want to have a swimming pool. At times vacationers want villa rentals that are near the mountains or the sea. There are several villas which will offer you a complete privacy. So if you are couple and want to enjoy the holidays without much interference then you should choose these villas, however, in case you like activity nearby, then you should choose for villas where you have cafes and bars around. Tuscany villa rentals range from simple duplex to mountain top castles.

Chianti Villa, Tuscany

Chianti villa in Tuscany, Italy travel

Chianti villa in Tuscany, Italy travel. You'll love the area, and the wines.

So which one do you want?
Catering is one of the prime points to consider while you are selecting a villa. The European vacationers like to opt for self-catering. Therefore they prefer to choose villas that already have furnished kitchens. The American vacationers on the other hand prefer to dine out. But these villas offer gardens, barbeque and fantastic swimming pools. They are like a home away from home.

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If you want to choose Italy villas, then Tuscany villa rentals
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