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The Novecento Boutique Hotel in Venice, Italy.

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Boutique Hotels In Venice
By: V. Zoe

There are, of course, many delightful boutique hotels in Venice from which to choose from for the vacationer looking for somewhere luxurious to stay in Venice.

Off Campo San Maurizio, between the Accademia Gallery and Piazzo San Marco, there is the Novecento Boutique Hotel. The décor is Orientalist with marvellous fabrics and Italian fine materials. Very wonderful! A good breakfast is included in the price of a room. The professional staff is friendly and helpful and your room is charming to say the very least.

Another idea for boutique hotels in Venice is the Locanda la Corte, in the heart of Venice. This boutique hotel has an atmosphere of charm and enchantment because of its location and atmosphere. Locanda la Corte was once the home of a Venetian noble in the 16th century. The service is great.

Venice Boutique Hotel Room

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The Ca Maria Adele Boutique Hotel in Venice, Italy.

Ca Maria Adele, another boutique hotel in Venice to think about, is only a minute from St. Mark's Square, a nice little hotel in a very peaceful location with a canal landing which leads to the lobby. Just 14 rooms in this delightful Venice hotel, a room each designed with its own theme will cost about 330 euros per night. The Ca Maria Adele has a terrace on the main floor where Venetian styled breakfast is served.

With a view of the Rio di San Lorenzo o 'dei Greci', the Liassidi Palace Hotel, a 15th century palazzo hotel in Venice, you will be surrounded by charm, a lovely courtyard, antique furnishings, high ceilings and Murano glass, luxury and art. Breakfast is served in one of two rooms with views of the San Lorenzo Canal. Have an aperitif at the Liassidi Bar in the early evening and enjoy the pleasures of Venice.

Reserving at any of these charming boutique hotels in Venice is sure to satisfy you in this fascinating city beauty and art, named Venice.

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