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Hotel des Bains in Venice, Italy.

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Guide To Hotels In Venice
By: V. Zoe

For all tourists, it is highly recommended that one try and get accommodation in the central area. There are ample hotels which cater to all types of budgets. For those who want luxury, Venice has some of the most elegant hotels in all of Italy. It is also home to many luxurious timeshares at high end resorts like the Hotel Palazzo del Giglio which provides guests with in-suite hydro-massage tubs and top notch hotel services. Individuals who purchase a timeshare in Venice have the ability to come back to this one-of-a-kind city year after year. Venice timeshares are owned by higher end resorts and are located close to sites such as Piazza San Marco and La Fenice Theater.

The hotels located near the Venice Lido offer easy access to everything that one wants. Just next to the famous St Marks Square, there is the Grand Canal, the Basilica, Bridge of Sighs, Santa Maria Della Salute and numerous museums and art galleries. Around each corner, there are ample cafes, dinners Italian style and exclusive restaurants.

The one other thing that can make your trip special is to stay a few nights in one of the luxury hotels. What better than to come to a rest in a cozy, warm, and elegant hotel which has history behind it? Venice has no shortage of exotic hotels but one has to be careful. They are all good but some are better. The majority of hotels located along the Venice Lido are exclusive. The grand Hotel des Bains with its impressive gardens has superb décor and outstanding service. Each room is individually furnished with hand made Italian furniture. The chandeliers, ceilings, windows and terraces all have something unique. For those who simply want to be spoiled to the limit, there is the Cipriani with its Casanova Spa- where you can receive a soothing massage - all in good taste, of course. There is no shortage of services and amenities available at the hotels. Most have a swimming pool, others have their own private access to the beach, there are fitness centers and private docks.

Another Luxury Venice Hotel

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Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice, Italy.

If you have time and money, there is the San Clemente Palace located on an exclusive island. Here you may not only find luxury but you may catch a glimpse of Hollywood stars and starlets.

If you are hungry, the hotels all have authentic Italian cuisine but for excitement go downtown and enjoy the home made pizzas with thin crust or eat in style at the Fortuny Restaurant. If you want seafood with your pasta, go to the Venetian near the beach. If you want some privacy and a gothic experience, the Westin Europa hotel is what you want. Built in the 17th century, this grand palace is now a hotel which caters to the rich and famous. The décor is elegant, the furnishings are nouveau and the service is unbeatable. If you want music, there are ample clubs and bars but for something romantic, go the Fenice Opera House. If you are lucky you may get to hear Andre Bocelli or Sarah Brightman. Those who want to acquire history, the Luna Hotel Baglioni located near St Mark's Square is the place to go. This old hotel built in the 15th century offers privacy, serenity and the excitement of the middle ages. Once the Palace served as a shelter for the Knights of Templar but today it offers first-rate luxury service to the tourists.

Venice is a city for people of all ages, young, old, males, females, lovers, married people and those waiting to get married. The city has something to offer to everyone. Most hotels also cater to business people and all have updated telecommunications and facilities. There are ample banquet halls in most hotels which cater to weddings, birthdays, parties, special events and family reunions. The food is great, the people are friendly and everything is within walking distance- what else can one want! Venice is almost always crowded and the hotels are never empty. So before you rush to come to Venice, go online and check out some of these places. The majority of the hotels offer online booking services and who knows if you are lucky, you may even get a discount.

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