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Romando describes one of the world's oldest and finest film festivals, the Venice Film Festival, yet another reason to vacation in this unique city.

Venice Film Festivals
By: Richard Romando

Venice Film Festival is one of the oldest Film Festivals in the World. It was first held in the year 1932. It is held every year in the later half of August or early September. It takes place at Lido di Venezia, which is in the historic Palazzo del Cinema situated on the Lingomare Marconi in Venice, Italy. The awards ceremony is grand and elegant. The Leone d'Oro, or Golden Lion, is the most prestigious award. Off late a new award has been introduced which is called the San Marco Award. This award is given for the best film in the controcorrente section. Venice Film Festival is a part of the Venice Biennale, which is a major biennial exhibition and a festival that celebrates contemporary art.

Film Festival features several sections that contain official and short feature film competitions. It also has many parallel sidebars that include programs for new entrants and other for best videos. Films compete for various prizes such as The Golden Lion (awarded for the best film), The Jury's Grand Prize, and the Special Award for best directors. The Best Screenplay Award, known as the Coppa Volpi Award, is handed to the best male and female actor. The Marcello Mastroianni Award is given to debut or young male and female actors. President of the Senate awards the Golden Medal.

Venice International Film Festival has been held for more than 60 years and it has brought movies, stars, media, and movie moguls to Lido. It is considered second to the Cannes Festival. Over the last few years, Venice has initiated a change in focus. This festival has introduced a non-competitive section, called "Mezzogiorno" and "Mezzanotte", which highlights 10 films each.

Many people spend their vacations in Venice and make it a point to attend the Venice Film Festival as it is worth a watch.

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